Darts in Chiang Mai

Join us for our monthly Free Darts Tournament. A full sports bar with pool table and two lanes for darts will ensure you have a great night.Darts in Chiang Mai

The format is a friendly night of darts for both beginners and experienced players. We play round robin games leading to semi and finals. The emphasis is on having fun and learning a bit more about darts.

Registration is from 6pm on the night or via our web link on this page. You can also come into the bar anytime and register.

If you would like to practice before the tournament we have a group of players come in on Wednesday nights who would be happy for you to join them.

Come and join the only regular darts competition in Chiang Mai!

Wednesday 31 January Darts Tournament

301 double out- no double in
poule system followed up by winners/losers knockout.

Placement in the pole will be done by draw. Each person will play minimal 2 games in the poule and minimal 1 more game in the next round, total 3 games. (Depending on number of players we will adjust the system)

There will be a handicap build in for experienced players and previous tournament winners. This can be adjusted during the tournament as well. All rules will be explained before the start.